is in the eye of the beholder…

people. why do we spend so much time on this hamster wheel of comparison? 
[one of the many hamster wheels on this planet lol]
I mean we all do it. Heck I’m guilty as charged. I get so caught up & sucked into comparing myself that I get distracted & lose the beauty right in front of me. 
I recently ordered small batch flowers for the baby shower this past weekend & found myself lost for a few hours. [Yes. hours]. In creating arrangements.

You know I used to think that the best way to “beat” comparison was to face it head on. & I’m by no means saying we should avoid it. However, I do think there is something to finding those things that you can literally pour yourself into, lose track of time & help you to forget your perceived reflections of inadequacy & negative self talk. 

I think about all the time I waste-literally throw in the garbagé [yes I really say it they way sarcastically]-when I sit & doom scroll & perseverate only to use the content against myself later. 
Like why Adriana why?!?

In my life & in my work I find that it’s all about the feeling that gets stimulated when we are viewing some else’s content that then drives our comparison. 
Do you catch my drift? 

Ultimately my takeaway is this, let your mind go where it will. Trying to hostage your mind & feelings is never helpful for anyone. 
&& at the same time pay attention to those things you do that help you lose track of time. Make a mental note & add more of those into your life. Those things help create joy & alignment. 
Those things will help to combat the urge to compare