Friday Fill Up

FRIDAY.FILL.UP. Woo girl. We made it. It’s FINALLY Friday… Or as I love calling it Fri-YAY!Certain weeks breeze by like it ain’t no thing. While other weeks, Tuesday just feels like it should be Friday already. I always find it so interesting how certain weeks just “take more” out of me than other weeks. Sometimes, I…

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    But no like really, that is what I said… We all have been there, stuck in that rut and left feeling that disconnect between where we are and where we want to be. Sitting and asking ourselves ‘how did we get here?’ My personal favorite, ‘where did the time go?’ I mean like seriously,…

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Yes. You. Just a friendly reminder to keeping looking towards the sun, keep growing & reaching.

There is pain in living. It’s the inevitable human experience.

And once again my plants pull me in & give me the constant reminder that despite what storm clouds, (first) frost, sickness or hardship might come their way; it is imprinted in their DNA

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